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Decipher, Inc. is an American gaming company based in Norfolk, Virginia, US. They began with three puzzles called "Decipher" then moved on to party games and Pente sets, but since 1994 produced collectible card and role-playing games. Their longest-running offering is the How to Host a Murder Mystery series. Other popular works have included many different card games. Since 2002, Decipher has released two licensed role-playing games: Star Trek RPG and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game.


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Current Employee - PC Support Technician says

"My current health insurance for my family is 385 a month. Decipher won our contract and now my family insurance will be $1140.00 a month."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Long hours, poor management, favoritism, discrimination."

Former Employee - Programmer says

"Low Salary High Stress Not much to learn"

Anonymous says

"Expect to work ALL the time. No career advancement. Tons of favoritism. Everyone is always stressed and negative."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The first 6 months were fun as you learn many new things. After that, you'll realize that the job is boring. Not much of a career. Promise things like matching 401k that never happen. Lousy bonus structure which based on company goal. It's perfectly fine if the management do not propose extremely high goal. Haven't gotten bonus for several years since the company never meet their goal. Last but not least, the salary compensation is very low."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"A high stress, and non-social work environment."

Programmer Level II says

"The downside of working for Decipher as a programmer is hitting the ceiling after a year or so of work. Working at decipher does not improve your programming ability nor will it help further your career at any other company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Projects would start and never really follow through. Lack of direction."

Survey Programmer says

"A career destroyer. If you want a career as a developer/programmer, don't stay here too long. You won't learn anything useful that will help you get a job later on. You'll have to work long hours for ungrateful clients/management, so say goodbye to any learning opportunities outside work as well. Overall, working here made me a worse programmer, not a better one. Other cons would be the terrible pay, the long hours, and the constant bending over backwards to please ungrateful clients. If a client emails you at 4:55 PM in the afternoon asking you to get something done immediately, then you're staying and working. Your personal life means nothing to management. There's very little incentive to do your work well. Raises are only done once a year, in July. Hired in March and not eligible for a raise yet? Too bad, stick with your abysmal salary for another year. FocusVision now owns Decipher, and they'll drive it all into the ground before long. They now want to emphasize outsourcing (terrible idea, all outsourced surveys my team had ended up having huge mistakes), and therefore made huge layoffs in May of 2015, despite an abundance of work to go around."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"At the time they needed to figure out what they wanted from some of their employees. Not sure they had a plan other than hire and hope."

Intelligence Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Worst environment I ever worked in. Micromanaging. Sexist. Disgusting. I could go on. How can one small company go through so many talented, smart, capable employees?SnacksManagement.... every single one of them."

Abc (Former Employee) says

"Cheap behavioural manager and very cunning fellow. Acts like a hitler. Thinks as he is a boss of the company. And very cheap politics in work area. No specific office space. Running the office in domestic building instead of commericial space."

Intelligence Analyst (Former Employee) says

"12+ people quit or were fired without notice in less than a year and a half. The micromanagement is unreal. The only way to advance is to suck up. 8 hour days of cold calling for up to 10 days at a time.SnacksToxic management"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Internship at decipher was useful for personal and professional development. Flat management hierarchies and a fun working environment made this an enjoyable tenure.Work Drinks and social aspectsN/a"

Project Lead (Former Employee) says

"started my professional career with Decipher. Understood the medical transcription industry in detail and was exposed to medical terminology and transcription technologies.small company ; opportunities to grownot a very professional place"

Medical Transcriptionist/Proof-reader (Former Employee) says

"24/7/365 provider globally. Great place for job seekers and people who can increase their earning potential by working long hours as there is no limit for working hours. Heaven for freelancers who can get to work from home too.Productive and friendly placeNo added benefits unlike corporates"